Tribepool Vision

The Tribe stake pool or shortly Tribepool is a purpose driven Cardano stake pool aiming to build and populate physical Cardano Tribe Villages, exemplar villages that shall be developed in multiple parts of the world. We encourage other to not only stake their ADA with the Tribe stake pool, but also actively participate in the creation of the Tribe vision.


With a clear vision to serve we are committed to evolve our decision making processes to become fully distributed over time. Yet at this early stage the Tribe village vision requires a structurally efficient and dynamic custodian guidance. In the mid- to long-term the whole Tribe project with multiple villages shall become community driven, with a contribution-oriented and distributed bottom-up governance model.

Cardano Villages

80% of generated stake pool operation rewards will be dedicated to provide funding of our rollout in phases. In phase 01 we collect funds to purchase land. Ahead of the land purchase will be acquisition, examination, and a timeframe for others to make proposals to identify the first Tribe village location. Our delegators will be invited to actively participate in this process.

Future Developments

Later in time we will rollout our plans for the development and a tokenised fractional ownership model. Cardano and the broader blockchain ecosystem is offering a vast amount of real life solutions with real utility. We envision Cardano Tribes functioning as exemplar villages, implementing advantageous tools for everyday life build on Cardano.

Tribepool Data (Live since: Apr 14 2022)

Pledge 250k ₳
Margin: 10%
Cost per epoch: 340 ₳
Ticker: TRB
Pool ID: 42aa6008150498c81b2b82ccd76a4d4d9e2caa687f4e52f81f6738af
1 block producing + 2 relay servers 8GB RAM